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  • Malena Souto Arena

    Malena Souto Arena

    I am a film and content curator based in Buenos Aires. Let’s stay in touch ✨ @malena_souto_arena

  • Ashley Fent

    Ashley Fent

    Writer, researcher, geographer, with some creative pursuits mixed in

  • Carlos Velásquez

    Carlos Velásquez

    I explore ideas that help us benefit from life’s uncertainties. Join me.

  • Esen Küçüktütüncü

    Esen Küçüktütüncü

    Researcher in affective computing, consciousness and the mind. Also happens to cycle, a lot. www.esenka.co

  • Lucas Bakker

    Lucas Bakker

    I am a content marketer, freelance writer and a blogger. I write what’s on my mind. Basketball is my sport. I also love to cook and eat.

  • Vincenzo Elifani

    Vincenzo Elifani

    Writing about topics at the intersection of philosophy and psychology.

  • Crystal Nicholls

    Crystal Nicholls

    I am a dancer and certified nutrition coach. I help performers and creatives boost their energy and overcome creative blocks. www.crystalnicholls.com

  • lauren mccarthy

    lauren mccarthy

    artist, programmer, person. asst prof @UCLA_DMA, making @p5xjs http://lauren-mccarthy.com

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