Podés activar los sutitulos en español.

Este video de how to muestra los pasos –pero quizás no todas las respuestas– para sumarse a un DAO. Lo pienso como un disparador para una aventura, un punto de partida para interactuar con el bloque de cadenas (blockchain) a través de tu propio camino. El cursor duda, las preguntas quedan abiertas, el video no es siempre liso, pero esto es en parte el punto: es una aventura múltiple. Sólo puedo hablar a través de mi propia experiencia, que es a la vez una crítica y algo liviano. Pero, ¿cuáles son las otras experiencias?

Note: You can activate subtitles in English and Spanish in the video.

This ‘how to’ video gives steps — but perhaps not all the answers — to join the DAO. I think of it as a trigger for an adventure, a starting point to interact with the blockchain in your own way. The mouse hesitates, the questions are left open, the video is not always sleek, but that is also partly the point: it is an adventure that is multiple. I can only speak for my own experience; it is at once critical and playful. But what about others?


My Hypothesis for a Speculative Dance on the Blockchain

Screenshot of “My Feeling of Dance and Code Is…”, in the exhibition Signar la Complejidad, Pabellón de Bellas Artes UCA, curated by Merlina Rañi and produced by Espacio Pla. http://uca.edu.ar/es/pabellon-de-bellas-artes/signar-la-complejidad

*** Hay una versión de este texto en español aquí. ***

Produce, produce, produce and sell, sell, sell the chant heard faintly under the breath of the motto trust, trust, trust. Abstractions — values, numbers, calculations, data, systems, codes — violently project gesturing bodies into numbers and decontextualized datasets. Value is defined by these abstracted numbers, but also by the speculation of markets, investments, and technologies, by a whole knowledge base that is somehow related to intuition and experience — being present in the very flux of action to make important decisions — even though what is abstracted leaves these…

Mi hipótesis para una danza especulativa en el blockchain

Screenshot My Feeling of the Blockchain Is… en la muestra Signar la complejidad, Pabellón de Bellas Artes UCA, Curadoría: Merlina Rañi, Producción: Espacio Pla. http://uca.edu.ar/es/pabellon-de-bellas-artes/signar-la-complejidad

*** There’s a version of this text in English here. ***

Producir, producir, producir y vender, vender, vender el canto escuchado débilmente bajo el aliento del lema confianza, confianza, confianza. Abstracciones -valores, números, datos, sistemas, códigos- proyectan violentamente cuerpos gestando números y conjuntos de datos descontextualizados. El valor está definido por estos números abstraídos pero también por la especulación de mercados, inversiones y tecnologías, por una base de conocimiento que está de algún modo relacionada a la intuición y la experiencia -estar presente en el flujo de acción para tomar decisiones importantes- a pesar de que lo que está abstraído…

Notes on Why I started a Podcast with Laura Benech

For years we have been talking through the wires. As a podcast, Liminal Bits is part of that history, but it is also something that we, Laura Benech and I, have to take responsibility for as its creators. This is a text that is a bit about both of these worlds, at least my halfway (the personal) of the meeting halfway (a detail of a responsibility of the historical, cultural, other in this moment that I write). It is my story of the process behind the podcast. …

Between painting, thinking, and moving, I found my feet.

I’m not a person who thinks in extremes. I live in the liminal. These trazos have opened a dialogue with my feet, those feet who for many years, perhaps my whole life, seem lifeless, that I can’t control the movement in my toes, a frustration that emerges in the attempt to do anything except up and down; I can’t even separate them and yet they are what push me forward, that help me think when I walk (and thinking while walking is my way, sedimented so clearly during these months of quarantine when I am walking less). The paintbrush connected…

Donate to the gallery and you can have your body printed, full-size, in cardboard to occupy the space. It seems like a post from The Onion, but it is a fully enacted idea, something I stumbled across in one of my infinite scrolls on Instagram during quarantine in Argentina. These rigid, egotistical, and amusing portraits — and the questionable concept behind them — made me laugh for a whole evening. This morning I woke up with the urge to write.

The campaign is posted in the account of a large photography gallery that is trying to survive the situation. For…

Inscripción abierta: taller y espacio de lectura

Estoy feliz de presentar este nuevo proyecto de taller y espacio de lectura, para tener la oportunidad colaborar y conversar con ustedes!

Este grupo de lectura / taller va enfocarse en una exploración de las tecnologías que usamos todos los días para experimentar con nuevas herramientas criticas y practicas para resistir, crear, y moverse con los flujos tecnológicos de poder. Explora temas como la estética del código, gestos y memorias musculares de los dispositivos, danza y movimiento como resistencia, la inteligencia artificial y el cuerpo, y los sistemas de control como pestes. …

Why it’s not about the versus but a cry to learn to be together again. (And adding Rancière to the debate)

Once up on a time, there was the story of the Rubin Vase. Created as a psychological experiment, Edgar Rubin had eyes dramatically move between different coloured contours laid out on a single sheet of paper. One was a vase. The other, two faces. The eyes in the experiment were forced to make a dramatic decision (omg, how dare they!). But how could someone handle it? How could they hang with such trolling?

The Rubin Vase: By John smithson 2007 at English Wikipedia — Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by PHansen., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=13901986

I mean, come on, how can you see a vase? Of course that means you support guns.

Well, you either have it or you don’t. I have…

An artistic research project of my choreographies and my readings

I recently launched a new project on the platform for artistic research, Research Catalogue. As a sort of personal experiment alongside my PhD research, I will attempt to explore the theories that I am reading by recording, examining, analysing them through my own movements, postures and gestures.

As the topic of my larger PhD research is around dance and code, and I want to explore this relationship within the body in order to argue that with our bodies in art we can have a sort of resistance to technological power flows. (More or less, this is just the beginning so…

Renee Carmichael

Researcher at Flee Immediately! Podcaster at Liminal Bits. PhD candidate working on dance and code. http://renee-carmichael.com/

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