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My Hypothesis for a Speculative Dance on the Blockchain

Screenshot of “My Feeling of Dance and Code Is…”, in the exhibition Signar la Complejidad, Pabellón de Bellas Artes UCA, curated by Merlina Rañi and produced by Espacio Pla. http://uca.edu.ar/es/pabellon-de-bellas-artes/signar-la-complejidad

Mi hipótesis para una danza especulativa en el blockchain

Screenshot My Feeling of the Blockchain Is… en la muestra Signar la complejidad, Pabellón de Bellas Artes UCA, Curadoría: Merlina Rañi, Producción: Espacio Pla. http://uca.edu.ar/es/pabellon-de-bellas-artes/signar-la-complejidad

Between painting, thinking, and moving, I found my feet.

Why it’s not about the versus but a cry to learn to be together again. (And adding Rancière to the debate)

An artistic research project of my choreographies and my readings

Renee Carmichael

Researcher at Flee Immediately! Podcaster at Liminal Bits. PhD candidate working on dance and code. http://renee-carmichael.com/

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